SMX London May 24th 2017 Notes


After attending the 2nd day of the search marketing event SMX London 2017 there were some interesting insights given on the search marketing industry speaking on industry trends, performance, analytics and more. Take a look at some of our key findings for May 24th’s SMX conference below:

  • Answer box ranking helps optimise for voice search queries
  • API’s are key to future organic visibility – Search Console, Majestic, Ahrefs, Keyword Planner
  • Instant apps – apps you don’t have to download are becoming a trend
  • Google fire base – app indexing
  • Lower bounce rates correlates with higher rankings – Google says high bounce rate indicates that users are not engaging with your site as they should be
  • Time on site for domains ranking for low volume keywords is 40 seconds less than for high volume
  • Visitors coming to the website from search on average visit 3 – 3.5 pages per one session
  • Search traffic has no significant impact on rankings
  • Proper high-quality link building will help with ranking for keywords with less than 10,000 monthly search volumes
  • 65% of domains ranking for in top 3 for high volume keywords are https
  • Focus on voice actions and not just voice search
  • 50% of websites ranking for high volume search queries use https
  • Consider using a true conversion rate metric – removing bounces
  • https adoption rate in less competitive niches is 10% lower creating a great opportunity for outrunning the competition
  • https may help with conversions and build trust
  • Optimise page load times to 3 seconds as this improves SERP CTR’s
  • Amount of referring domains contributes highly towards ranking
  • When sending reconsideration request to Google webmaster for Google penalty be brief and cut to the chase
  • The number of referring domains is larger for higher volume search terms
  • High search volume keyword groups have a difference of 10k referring domains compared to less competitive groups
  • Content for long-tail keywords is generally 20% longer than short tail
  • Different landing pages should be created in order to rank for short tail and long tail keywords
  • – Google Analytics custom reports
  • Every goal in Google Analytics is automatically placed into a goal group
  • Separate micro conversions from macro conversions in Google Analytics
  • Social widget tracker – Autotrack tracks social shares on content and links with GA, can be found at the acquisition dashboard.
  • Use Google Analytics to work out profit per session for GEO locations and browser types
  • Adwords Scripts
  • Automated Insights in Google Analytics mobile app combines your data with machine learning
  • Data Studio now allows unlimited reports
  • Google releasing landing page API for ads
  • The Baidu search engine is looking to endorse AMP

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