SMX London May 23rd 2017 Notes


The 1st day of the search marketing event SMX London 2017 delivered some interesting insights on the search marketing industry covering on site speed, performance, AMP and more. Take a look at some of our key findings for May 23rd’s SMX London conference below:

  • 47% of users expect pages to load within 2 seconds or less.
  • Combine/reduce JS files and CSS files
  • Remove whist space from the code
  • Google javascript closure compiler/ minifier tools can be used,
  • Google tag manager to tackle ‘tag bloat’
  • Google launched webp for image compression which makes png. Files 26% smaller and 25-34% for jpeg files –
  • A company improved site speed to Google which increased their organic visibility by 90% and 75% increase in traffic.
  • 1.37 billion lost due to speed performance
  • 1 second increase -30% increase in conversion
  • http/2 decreased cloud flare load time by 52%
  • 70% of shoppers disappointed by sites performance and make them less likely to use it again
  • Change in listing and image increase impression by 30%
  • Local data optimisation – brand mentions, citations etc.
  • Dynamic links? Link through to a page in your app, if the app hasn’t been downloaded – App indexing
  • Ebay has put 8 million URLs on AMP  
  • Guardian saw a 7% higher CTR with AMP
  • Everyone is looking to get AMP, however, this isn’t a silver bullet to fix site speed issues on mobile. We need to sort the site speed out first then look to get AMP for the relevant pages with the customer experience kept in mind.
  • Barry Adams – AMP Story  
  • Future of SEO –It’s all about optimising for CTR and user engagement. User engagement signals are a factor in the Google ranking algorithm and page speed is included in this.
  • The Baidu search engine is looking to endorse AMP
  • Data-driven attribution vendors
  • Facebook & Google capture 75% of user time
  • Search and social has better effect on conversion and revenue per click on average
  • Search intent used for better social retargeting, aimed at increasing CTR to understand user intent

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